Join us on 2020 August 27-28, for the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) lesson global sprint. The sprint is being organised through CarpentryCon @ Home with partners from around the world (see lesson sprint Etherpad).

You may also want to join our introduction to the sprint information sessions at CarpentryCon @ Home 2020 on August 20. Details here.

Goals of the Sprint

Our goals are to create an introductory FAIR lesson as a global community, that is available for use by the global community, that is hands-on, and can be adapted for use by communities.

How to Get Started and Join

We have created a primer (instructions) for people looking to learn more about the sprint. We encourage you to read through the primer first and then decide whether you would like to join the effort. The primer includes information on how to register.

How will the Sprint be Organised

Our organisers and partners will be running Zoom from 2020 August 27-28. Zoom is where organisers, partners, and sprinters can meet each other, check-in on a periodic basis, and collaborate. In addition, we will be using the The Carpentries #fairlesson Slack channel to continue informal conversations, ask questions, share materials, and generally collaborate during the sprint. We will be working on the Library Carpentry FAIR Data and Software lesson GitHub repository but sprinters can also link to their own documents during the sprint.

Social Media During the Sprint

We will be using the Twitter hashtag #FAIRLessonSprint during the sprint and you can also consider referencing this blog post in your communications.

At the End of the Sprint

Organisers, Partners, and Sprinters will work together to publish the lesson via the Library Carpentry lesson repository and Zenodo and look to GO FAIR and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) as additional venues.