On [EVENT DATE POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE], GO FAIR US will be hosting a webinar on the FAIR Island Project. Erin Robinson, Maria Praetzellis, and Neil Davies will be giving a talk titled: “The FAIR Island Project: Realizing Place-based, Open Science.” Registration for the webinar is available at [EVENT POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE].


The FAIR Island project examines the impact of implementing optimal research data management policies and requirements, affording us the unique opportunity to look at the outcomes of strong data policies at a working field station. Building on the Island Digital Ecosystem Avatars (IDEA) Consortium (see Davies et al. 2016), the FAIR Island Project leverages collaboration between the University of California Gump Station, located on Moorea in French Polynesia, and Tetiaroa Society, which operates a newly established field station located on the atoll of Tetiaroa.

Tetiaroa is in a unique position to demonstrate how we can advance open science by creating optimal FAIR data policies governing all research conducted at the field station. The intent of FAIR practices is to make reuse of data and collaboration of data more efficient. By implementing mandatory registration requirements including extensive use of controlled vocabularies, personal identifiers (PIDs), and other identifiers, DMPs in this “FAIR data utopia” will be utilized as key documents for tracking provenance, attribution, compliance, deposit, and publication of all research data collected on the island.

We will share three recent experiments from the FAIR Island project. The first is a retrospective DMP created for the Moorea Biocode project in order to test the persistent identifier linkages and PID Graph. We will highlight the DMPTool from the California Digital Library which has many new features to help researchers create machine-actionable DMP hubs of information about a research project that can be updated and queried by various stakeholders over the lifetime of the research project. The second experiment is focused on early use of the FAIR Island Data Policy and expectations of data collectors and data users. The third experiment is centered on the impact that FAIR Island will have on the research possible. We will show the initial integration of the University of California Natural Reserve System Reservation Management System (RAMS) with the DMP. The focus of this experiment is to show what would have been missing if a major multi-stakeholder project, eradicating rats took place this year and will share early analysis of what data products and information will make this a richer scientific experience when the eradication actually happens next year.

Our hope is that the work we do with the FAIR Island Infrastructure will be reusable at other field station and beyond to other place-based research making this webinar relevant to the following groups:

  1. Researchers to manage, share, and discover data more efficiently.
  2. Infrastructure providers (e.g., data repositories) to plan their resources;
  3. Institutions (e.g., academic libraries and their parent research universities) to provide practical, evidence-based data services; and
  4. Funders (e.g., NSF) to monitor the data-related activities associated with individual grants.


Erin Robinson
Metadata Game Changers LLC
Co-Founder & CEO
Erin’s research interest centers around understanding information infrastructure. She is the Research Data Management Advisor for FAIR Island and the co-founder and CEO of Metadata Game Changers LLC.

Maria Praetzellis
California Digital Library
University of California Curation Center (UC3)
Product Manager, DMPTool
Maria Praetzellis is Product Manager for the California Digital Library’s research data management initiatives, including DMPTool, the FAIR Island Project, and the NSF-funded machine-actionable DMP grant project.

Neil Davies
Executive Director, Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research Station
Senior Fellow, Berkeley Institute for Data Science
VP & Science Director, Tetiaroa Society
French Polynesia
Based in French Polynesia since 2000, I am Director of the UC Gump South Pacific Research Station and a Research Affiliate at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. I am a founding director of the Tetiaroa Society and the Blue Climate Initiative.

Webinar Details:
Topic: The FAIR Island Project- Realizing Place-based, Open Science