On 22 January 2021, and 01 February 2021, I presented on the topic of “FAIR Data & Software in the Scholarly Communications Lifecycle” to dkNET and the Research Triangle Institute (RTI). The presentation (see slides) is a slimmed down version of a much longer session that is run at the Force11 Scholarly Communications Institute (see Zenodo record and slides).

I was able to ask the two communities the same set of questions below:

  • What is motivating you to learn more about FAIR?
  • How are you responding to the principles? Particularly the F1 and R1.3 principles.
  • Are there #FAIRexamples you’ve found helpful?

You can find the answers from the participants in the collaborative notes. In addition, if you have #FAIRexamples to share, please use the Twitter hashtag.

A recording from the dkNET presentation is available at: